Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just Teasing~

SweetGoola is busy crafting an adorable orange coloured guest book and some fancy photo booth props for our first customer - Aqeel. Aqeel will turn to three one on this 16th February 2013 and we couldn't be more luckier to pleased him on his birthday :)

We haven't finish with the guest book yet, but we thought a teaser might let you have some ideas with our signature design ;)

Guest Book made from:
Hard Board as cover
100 sheets of black A4 paper
Fancy Orange wrapper
Velvety textured gold ribbon as bookmark
A tiny paw charm (this what makes our guest book tick!)

Photo Booth Prop made from:
Bamboo stick
Design printed on Art Card

SweetGoola and MediaMoments are working very hard to make sure Aqeel (and his parents of course) is happy on his birthday!

More updates coming soon!

PM sweetgoola@gmail.com for price :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Wedding Corsage

Assalamuailkum and Hello to fellow followers out there! Here comes our very first product! Great for weddings or formal events, we design this piece exclusively to subtly exude simple yet classy look.

Item Code: WC_01

Made From:
Silver Ribbon with silver lining (Other colours available upon request)
Silver Ornament
White Bead

Approximately 9cm x 2.5cm

RM 2.50 per piece

Minimum Order:
50 pieces


email us and order now! (sweetgoola@gmail.com)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hire Us!

SweetGoola name card is out!

Yeay~! (^___^)

Our Services:
- Personalised Guest Books (Wedding, Birthdays, Engagement Day, etc)
- Party Packs
- Candy Station
- Photo Booth (Polaroid photo station) & Props

Please contact:
Miss Ida Azhar (Event Designer)
+6 012 258 3132

Miss Idu Azhar (Event Planner)
+6 012 262 0126

Miss Ily (Assistant)
+6 017 615 8560

Please email us: sweetgoola@gmail.com

More updates coming soon!